Individual Counselling

Individuals come into our office for a variety of reasons. Sometimes something feels just off, or clients might feel "stuck." Some clients describe patterns of behaving or thinking that can spiral into feelings of anxiety or depression. Sometimes individuals come to our office facing a specific challenge or transition. At Canvas, we are client-centered allowing clients to lead with their present moment experiences.

We honour our client’s goals, where they are at in the process of change and commit to authentic, confidential, compassionate care. We know the importance of the client-counsellor relationship. Our primary goal is to create safety and continue with a gentle exploration of the client’s experience. We believe in creating an environment that is safe where you will feel heard and where you no longer feel alone.

Counselling can increase your vitality, or sense of knowing that you have inner strength and are loved, valued and respected. Transformance through counselling offers glimmers of hope as you progress…you know who you are and how you fit into your world. You can be ok, even if others around you are not ok.

Through individual counselling, clients speak about their transformation this way:

  • I have boundaries. I know where I end and you begin?
  • I can hold and notice my emotions.
  • I can feel my emotions. I can share my emotions.
  • I am understood and no longer ashamed.
  • I am appreciated.
  • I am loved.
  • I know my strengths, and I do not beat myself up because of my weaknesses.
  • I can make mistakes and make repairs.
  • What is Trauma Informed Care?Trauma Informed Care.

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